The Value of a MicroLoan

Freedom In Hope's mission is to empower men, women and families to break the cycle of physical and emotional poverty through the provision of microloans, savings services, sound business training and mentoring. 

Freedom in Hope's vision is to see transformed lives and vibrant communities with true growth, sufficiency, dignity and responsibility towards each other.

Small Injection of Capital Breaks This Cycle of Poverty.

Freedom in Hope is helping in transforming lives… Investing in the dreams of the poor...

FREEDOM IN HOPE equips its Field Partner with the capital and moral structures through which life changing empowerment occurs.

Empowerment is to move beyond charity into truly greater sense of responsibility and equipping people to be economically self-sufficient.

"A Hand Up" and not a "Hand Out"

Our Core Values: STRIDE

S- Stewardship with accountability
T- Teamwork
R- Respect
I- Integrity
D- Dedication to serve the poor 
E- Excellence

Freedom in Hope

14023 N. Walters Way

Savage, MN 55378

Phone: 952-855-4508